College Football Top Plays

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Top plays from Week 3 of college football.


SilentEchoMatthew says:

ESPN sucks at picking good plays

malcstag says:

Eh? This is not football, its some sort of rugby with people wearing helmets and womens tights, they are not even kicking the ball?!

klayman2 says:

You obviously don’t pay attention, this is posted by ESPN. ESPN does not have the video rights to games hosted on CBS or NBC and can’t post them.

Leon Roberson says:

Ok put anyyy of them ohio states Oregon Stanfords- are whoever in the SEC and they will lose AT LEAST three games against LSU FLORIDA GEORGIA…noo I change that TEXAS A&M SOUTH CAROLINA ALABAMA its unreal how much better the sec is lol

ehinton4006 says:

Jeff scott should have been on here twice

greenwiz17 says:

How is Jeff Scott’s punt return not on here? That shit was tighter than most of these plays

ETSisbull says:

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this video was called, “College Football Top Plays.” Not “ESPN Original Programming Top Plays”

Mark Gunner says:

Jeff scotts 73 yard punt return? K nice one

Huppenstein95 says:

Gotta be the worst top 10 I’ve ever seen. Why was that Buffalo game even on there?

klayman2 says:

Shut up about the Bama vs A&M game, that was shown on CBS not ESPN.

Xxrevolax23xX says:

We’re us ohio states 97 yard touchdown pass by Kenny guiton which was the longest play in school history?

Jack Doll says:

What about ohio states 90 yard pass?

xavier mitchell says:


Ramon Valdez says:

Forgot 90yd pass and punt block

NINJABALLERXbox360 says:

Wow no one handed pick in the Cy-Hawk Series Game?

Chris Tordi says:

It funny how pumped up Duck fans get after beating the worst SEC team. Remember what happened the last time Oregon actually played a decent team?

NiiNj4mAf1a says:

Wheres B.J. Lowerys Interception against iowa state? Come on man!!

Jonas jones says:

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Official8BitCookie says:

No Alabama or Texas A&M? Really great plays from both teams that game.

CannonMan67 says:

What about sunseri’s pick six?

linjapanese77 says:

the thing is guys… yes, johnny made some spectacular plays in a loss, but you will see them at least 1000000000000000000000 times all next week… lets give someone else this little 2 min youtube shine for now.

Peter Nguyen says:

OREGON taking it this year!!!!

ShaneFM . says:

Shitty top plays

MKaeDee says:

What, no Johnny?

Jacob Reed says:

where is that manziel throw?

Tyler Axam says:

Wheeerrrrres Johnny?

Hispanic Mario says:

Fuck that

Hispanic Mario says:

5 over times? Fuckwhat

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